School Uniform Information

School Uniform Sales

All school uniform must be purchased from Sportec Embroidery. Click on the link Sportec – Uniform Sales for full uniform price lists and to make your order.

We will still stock school ties and outdoorwear PE tops, but all other uniform purchases must be made via Sportec.

A copy of the letter sent home is below.

School Uniform Sales


Non-School Uniform

The following photographs are of clothing not classed as uniform standard.  These are examples only of the types of things that do not comply with the Cefn Saeson uniform code.  No skinny jeans, trousers containing lycra, with or without gold and silver zips.  No black jeans, with or without rivets.  No canvas style shoes or trainers.  Pupils attending school wearing these or similar clothing will result in a phonecall home to ask parents to bring in suitable attire, or else the pupil will be sent home to change.

Please see the letter below for a more detailed explanation

School Uniform

New Additions to ​School Uniform

From September 2016, Cefn Saeson is introducing a new outdoor jacket to protect our pupils from the elements and to help ensure they still get the benefits of sports and an outdoor education!

Prices below.



From September 2015, blazers will become an optional part of the school uniform.  The blazers are black and come in a boys and a girls fit.  The boys fit has 2 side vents and the girls fit has a straight back.  Both have the school badge embroidered on the pocket.


Prices are as follows:

Chest sizes 26″ – 36″​ £22.00

Chest sizes 38″ – 42″ £29.00

Chest sizes 44″ – 52″ £30.00

We will not be keeping a stock of blazers at school due to a lack of storage space, but samples will be available for pupils to try on and then orders may be placed with Mrs Corish in Reprographics.


Uniform Policy

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all pupils and anyone arriving at school in non-uniform clothing may expect to be sent home to get changed.

  • Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school e.g. no patterns, etc and natural colours only at the discretion of the school.
  • No jewellery is permitted


Plain white tailored shirt with collar and school tie

  • School V-neck sweatshirt (zipped jacket for KS4) with badge or school blazer
  • Black tailored trousers
  • Plain grey or black socks
  • Plain black leather type material shoes, NOT TRAINERS


Boys PE Kit

  • Wine/black Tshirt
  • Cefn Saeson Outdoor PE Top
  • Wine/grey sports socks
  • Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers


Plain white tailored shirt with collar and school tie

  • School V-neck sweatshirt (zipped jackets for KS4) with badge or school blazer
  • Black skirt / tailored trousers – not skinny jeans with studs or rivets or trousers made from fabric containing lycra
  • Black tights or socks
  • Plain black leather type material, flat-heeled shoes, NOT TRAINERS


Girls PE Kit

  • Wine/black T-Shirt
  • Cefn Saeson Outdoor PE Top
  • Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings
  • Trainers

Summer Uniform (To be worn during Summer term only)

  • White polo shirt with school badge

Uniform Price List

Uniform is available from the school. The shop is open 9.00am – 3.30pm during term time and you can contact Mrs. Corish on (01639) 791315. All items marked with * are only available from the school. Alternatives may not be worn. Larger/smaller sizes of uniform are available to order.


*V-Neck Sweatshirts


​Size ​Price
​11/12 (32″) ​£10.50
13 (34″) ​£11.50
​S (36″) ​£13.50
M ( 38″) ​£14.50
​L & XL (40″& 42″) ​£15.50
XXL+ (44″) £16.50​


*School Tie £3.20


*Year 10&11 Zipped Jacket (Boys/Girls fit)

​Size ​Price
​32″, 34″, 36″ ​£15.00
​38″, 40″, 42″, 44″ ​£18.00



We do not stock skirts or trousers at school.


No turn ups, flares, hipsters or skinny jeans/trousers/leggings


Skirts must be of a reasonable length. Very short/tight skirts are not acceptable.


*Summer Polo Shirts – They items will be on sale during Spring Term 2017 from Reprographics.


​Size ​Price
​9/10 , 11/12 & 13 £9.00
​14/15 & S (Adult) ​£11.00
​M, L (Adult) ​£12.00
​XL, XXL (Adult) ​£12.50


PE Kit


​Size ​Price
​*Cefn Saeson Outdoor PE Top Up to age 13-14 ​£22.00
​XS – XL Adult ​£25.00
​*Rugby Socks​ ​1 – 6 ​£5.00
​​*Rugby Socks​ ​7-11 ​£6.00
​​*P.E T-Shirt ​SB, MB, LB, XLB ​£13.50
​​*P.E T-Shirt Adult S /M /L ​£15.50



All prices may be subject to change, but are correct as of 21/06/17